Addition and Subtraction

When people think of the Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn), they think of adding more to one’s life. More money, relationships, even more inner peace. So how then has it happened that after 8 years of studying the LOA intensively I just lost my beloved spouse, home, office, pets, plants and car, all in the matter of a few weeks? Am I losing my touch? Is this a tragedy or failure? I know that it is not because while there is grieving for all these losses, there is also more joy inside than ever before. All this brings me to ponder the gifts of subtraction.

I know it is often said that when one door closes, another opens. That being said, we live in a culture which sees loss as tragedy not opportunity. My life before all these losses looked really great on the outside- a beautiful house, long term relationship etc. But on the inside there was a desperation because I was not able to follow my heart and live authentically. Now my life is very simple on the outside- small shared apartment, shared office space- but the riches on the inside, what Abraham calls Vibrational Reality, are enormous.

The next time there is a small loss in your life, ask yourself what gift you are now receiving. Sounds hokey but it works every time! I notice as I play with this that if I choose to look for gifts in times of loss (e.g. lost keys, no parking, client no shows) the unexpected gifts always show up when I am open.

So this holiday season, as I celebrate on a smaller scale than I am used to, I celebrate subtraction in my life, subtraction of all that impedes my path to the joy which is natural to us all. It’s why we are here!