Kathy’s Chinese Corner 10/13

Autumn is the season of the Lung in Chinese medicine. You have probably guessed that the respiratory system is related to the Lung organ, but did you know that the Lung is also related to the nose, skin and hair, and even grief and melancholy? During this Lung season it is beneficial to our health to nourish the Lung system as well as its pair, the Large Intestine. Read on to find out how the Lung and Large Intestine energies express themselves in Traditional Chinese Medicine, how to stay healthy this Fall, and which healing modalities may be especially beneficial.

Season Autumn
Organs Lung and Large Intestine
Element Metal
Direction West
Taste Pungent
Color White
Growth & Development Reaping/Harvest
Environmental Factor Dryness
Sense Organ Nose
Five Tissues Skin and Hair
Emotions Grief and Melancholy


Functions of the Lung

The Lung has a lot to do with the movement of Qi in the body by providing Qi and fluid to the skin and hair as well as assisting with water metabolism. When the Lung is deficient in circulating Qi our immune system is effected and exogenous pathogens can easily invade the respiratory system. One might also experience urinary problems and edema.

Function of the Large Intestine

The Large Intestine communicates with the Lung and is externally-internally related. This may be one of the reasons many naturopaths recommend using suppositories to treat respiratory conditions. Since the Large Intestine allows us to void waste, Fall is an especially  good time to do colon cleansing. If you are new to this concept, please allow us to help!

How to stay healthy this Fall

  1. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water.

  2. Boost your vitamin C intake through supplements and natural food.

  3. Wash your hands after being out in public or being around someone who is sick.

  4. Stay out of wind and drafts. Wind drives pathogens into the body.

  5. Exercise. Keep your Qi flowing.

  6. De-stress as much as possible by meditating, doing reiki or chi kung. Talk with friends, build a good support system.

  7. Use Young Living essential oils and diffuse oils each day to support the lungs.

 Recommended healing modalities

  1. Acupuncture helps balance and strengthen your Qi and all your organs.

  2. Lymph Drainage can help keep the immune system strong and keep toxins from accumulating and stagnating in the body.

  3. Raindrop Technique can help boost the immune system.