Liza’s Musings 10/13

Embracing the Mystery

Why does one person heal quickly while another appears to flounder? I recently worked with a client I will call Joe, who had spent months in so much pain that he lived on the floor, and was unable to move his body, work, or have any fun. In just a few sessions he made a huge turnaround, and is now exercising, working and best of all, enjoying his life. How was this possible, and why does this not happen to everyone?
It is so tempting to try to understand everything in this life! My brain craves rational explanations for everything, and yet, I find that it is when I embrace the mystery of life that grace can occur and transformation  happens.
What did Joe do to embrace the mystery?
1) Tapping or EFT
Tapping allows us to release resistance and let go of over thinking. It is also incredibly effective for physical pain, not just emotional pain (see article in this newsletter!).
2) Mindful Exercise
Joe began doing gentle exercise and instead of pushing himself, listened to his inner guidance.
3) Meditation
Joe increased his meditation from a couple times a week to daily, and his results were phenomenal! He did not use any special technique, just set aside 15-20 mins a day to be quiet and connect with the breath, simply returning to the breath each time the mind wandered. It really is that simple!
I am continuously humbled by the opportunity to assist others in their healing journeys. I have the best results with my clients when I suspend thought and just listen, and when I am able to inspire my clients to join me in this blissful state, that is when magic happens!
Don’t take my word for it- try it and see for yourself!