Young Living Essential Oils

The oldest medicines known, essential oils were used all over the ancient world. Modern science recognizes the power of therapeutic grade essential oils to support the body and mind in literally thousands of ways. The life blood of the plant world, essential oils have a powerful effect on every system of the body, including the immune system, circulation, digestion, nervous system and musculo-skeletal system. They also enhance mood, have a calming effect, and aid in deep emotional and spiritual healing.

Therapeutic grade oils–the ones with healing properties–make up only 2% of the oils produced in the world! The majority of products sold as essential oils have been adulterated with pesticides, alcohol, or synthetic fillers, or have been distilled incorrectly, and thus may have no effects or negative effects and should be avoided.  Liza has used Young Living Essential Oils exclusively for over 20 years, and has not found any other source to be of anywhere near the same quality. She has been blessed to train directly with the founder of Young Living, D. Gary Young, to travel with him internationally, and to receive training in many hands on applications. 

Liza uses Young Living oils personally all day long, in her personal care products, cleaning products, supplements, and straight out of the bottle! With clients, she uses them in the Raindrop Technique, and in all bodywork sessions.  She helps her clients to access their own oils so they can benefit every day, and loves to help her grateful clients pay it forward as they share them with friends.

To connect with Liza about essential oils, Email  or call her at (808) 262-3700.

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